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Governor Signs Three Student Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Bills

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed three Assembly bills related to student health emergency preparedness and response in school districts and charter schools.

Assembly Bill 1719 requires any school district or charter school whose graduation requirements include a health education course with compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instruction. AB 1748 authorizes school districts, COE's and charter schools to obtain FDA-approved opioid antagonists to administer...

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Legislative Analyst’s Office Releases Outlook for California’s State Budget

Outlook Subject to Considerable Uncertainty. The condition of the state’s budget depends on many volatile and unpredictable economic conditions, including fluctuations in the stock market. Even in the short term, these conditions cannot be predicted with precision. They are even more difficult to anticipate years in the future. As such, while we have reasonable confidence in our expectations about the economy’s performance in 2017-18, we are much less able to anticipate the economic future in each year thereafter...

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Free Platform for Sharing Performance Assessments Launched

While assessment in the United States has focused largely on “bubbling in” answers on multiple-choice tests, educators are searching for better, more authentic, and higher quality assessment tools that measure the complex thinking necessary for success in our modern world. Scaling up performance assessment requires high-quality tools and content.

With this in mind, two research and practice centers at Stanford Graduate School of Education recently launched the Performance Assessment Resource Bank (PARB)...

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Voters Approve Scores of School Parcel Tax and School Facilities Bond Measures

California voters smiled on many local ballot measures put forward by school districts in the November 8 general election. Voters in 13 school districts approved local school parcel tax measures (which require a two-thirds majority of votes cast for approval). Another six school parcel taxes came up short of the two-thirds threshold – a few failed by a very narrow margin.

Voters also approved a slew of school facilities bond measures. There were 178 school facilities bond measures that required a 55 percent majority for approval – and 164 of them passed (a 92 percent success ratio)...

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New Study Finds Many Teacher Prep Programs Maintain High Bar for Entry

A strong body of research, and the example of other nations, supports a relationship between student performance and the selectivity of admissions into teacher prep programs. Therefore, America’s institutions training teachers should set high standards to admit only the best candidates to become the teachers who will educate our nation’s future.

According to a new report by the National Council on Teacher Quality, 25 states set high admissions standards in 2015, but many backed away from that higher standard...

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Federal Agencies Release Policy Brief on Technology Use with Young Children

On October 21, the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services today released a policy brief on the use of technology with early learners to help families and early educators implement active, meaningful and socially interactive learning. The brief includes a call to action for researchers and technology developers, highlighting topics for further research and encouraging the development of research-based products.

"The early learning community has been wisely cautious about using technology with our youngest children,"...

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