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Vaccine Mandate Bill Clears Assembly on 46-30 Vote

The hotly-contested vaccine mandate bill cleared the Assembly Health Committee on June 9 on a 12-6 vote – but only after more noisy protests and another marathon hearing filled with passionate testimony for and against the legislation.

The bill – SB 277, authored by Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) and Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) – now advances to a floor vote in the California Assembly. It has already been approved by the Cal. Senate...

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Governor Reaches Budget Agreement with Legislators

California’s state budget will not be a matter of last-minute suspense as the end of June approaches. On June 16, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced a budget agreement with Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León – and the budget bill even received a few votes from Republican legislators as it sailed through both houses of the California legislature. The Governor signed the budget and related bills on June 24...

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Why Can Palo Alto Grade-Schoolers Read Mandarin Better than AP High Schoolers?

Stanford Graduate School of Education researchers found that 4th and 5th graders in a Palo Alto, California, Mandarin immersion program attained a level of linguistic competency comparable with that of nearby high school students completing the 4th and 5th level AP Mandarin courses.

Some of those Ohlone Elementary immersion students even outperformed the teenagers in reading...

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State Auditor Looking Into How School Districts Use Mental Health Funding

The California State Auditor is looking into how school districts are using mental health funding and whether they are meeting their obligation to provide mental health services to students.

The audit was requested by Sen. Jim Beall (D-San Jose) and was approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee in April. The estimated release date for the California State Auditor’s report is January 2016...

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NSBA Applauds Court Decision Recognizing Protective Role of School Personnel

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) praised a June 18 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Ohio v. Clark. The Court considered whether the mandatory duty of teachers and other school personnel to report suspected child abuse made them law enforcement agents pursuant to the Confrontation Clause, a constitutional protection under the Sixth Amendment...

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Wide Differences in Broadband Connectivity across California Households

According to a new statewide Field Poll examining the "digital divide" in California, 79% of California households have a broadband connection at home, while 21% do not. Overall, including the much slower dial-up connections, 87% of households reported they have the ability to connect to the Internet from home. The survey was conducted on behalf of California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF), a non-profit foundation...

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