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Newsom Announces Compromise on Charter School Legislation

On August 28, Governor Gavin Newsom and several legislative leaders announced a compromise agreement that appeared to ensure approval of a bill (AB 1505, introduced by Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell) that adjusts several aspects of the process under which charter schools are approved and renewed in California...

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State Revenues for July Ran Higher than Budget Act Forecast

After finishing fiscal year 2018-19 above the 2019-20 Budget Act forecast by $1.041 billion, prelim. General Fund agency cash for July, the first month of the 2019-20 fiscal year, was $533 million above the 2019-20 Budget Act forecast of $7.794 billion.

—Personal income tax revenues for July were $364 million above...

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NYC School Diversity Panel Recommends To End Gifted Programs

A panel appointed by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to find ways to diversify schools in the nation’s largest system just came out with a surprise recommendation: eliminate gifted programs in the public schools. The mayor, who is running for the presidential nomination, said he would take that suggestion under advisement...

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How We’re Robbing California’s Future by Under-Investing in School Children

During August, U.S. lawmakers gathered for the annual National Conference of State Legislators meeting to tackle a range of issues, including school funding, which they identified as their top priority earlier this year. Although there has been an upsurge in school funding since 2015, it comes on the heels of years of budget cuts...

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Almost One-Third of New Teachers Take on Second Jobs in Summer

One of the most persistent and annoying myths about educators is that they have “summers off.” Far from enjoying a really long vacation, they use a good chunk of that time writing curriculum, attending workshops, catching up on professional reading, etc.

And many of them work summer jobs to make ends meet...

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500,000 Kids Lose Free School Lunch with Trump Administration Proposal

More than 500,000 kids could lose their eligibility for free school meals thanks to a Trump administration proposal to cut access to food stamps made in late July.

Under the proposal, the Dept. of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program would no longer provide benefits to as many as 3.1 million recipients...

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