Irrelevant Opposition – A Loss for Democracy

June 29, 2011

This week, California’s Democratic legislators rammed through the process on party-line votes, and swiftly approved a supposedly “balanced” state budget. Governor Brown – a Democrat who two weeks ago vetoed a previous Democratic budget – has indicated that he will sign this new budget package, since this time he helped forge the plan.

Not involved in the budget discussion-making are the Republicans, who have been completely sidelined after months of “negotiations” behind closed doors, which included considerable enticement by Governor Brown...

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As Budget Deadlock Drags On, the Pressure Builds

May 5, 2011

The clock is ticking in Sacramento, and across the state. Gradually, the pressure’s building for some kind of resolution to the long-running state budget stalemate.

And as is always the case when the pressure starts to become intense, sooner or later, something has to give.

You can see the signs in many different places. Last week, two statewide polls were released, with each showing broad support among voters for Gov. Brown’s proposal to put a ballot proposition before voters...

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Just Pledging "No New Taxes" Won't Solve the Budget Dilemma

July 1, 2010

The current political climate in our country including Sacramento seems to demand something akin to blind allegiance.  With the unflinching (and at times even illogical) opposition to any tax increase being the prevalent and overriding political philosophy of the right, it has become almost impossible for a typical Republican politician to break ranks and take a position contrary to the party line.  But we remember that Governor Schwarzenegger once sold himself to California voters as someone who is not a typical politician...

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Enough is Enough!!!

April 1, 2010

Politicians – of both parties – will periodically say one thing, and then turn around and do another.  We get that.  We recall a presidential candidate back in the 1980s who denounced “voodoo economics” – and later embraced the very policy he’d criticized. (That same politician pandered to his party’s right wing with the famous slogan “Read my lips, no new taxes” – and then agreed to raise taxes a few years later).

We likewise recall a California governor about thirty-odd years ago (who’s still around, and would like another try at the job) who initially opposed 1978’s Proposition 13...

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The Governor Can't Fool Everyone All the Time

March 18, 2010

Sometimes, a public official makes a statement that’s so obviously disconnected from reality that you almost want to laugh – except that laughing might be too painful.

Herb K. Schultz – Senior Advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger and Director of the California Recovery Task Force – hit the bull’s eye in this regard on March 15, in a letter to the federal Department of Education regarding California’s “maintenance-of effort” under State Fiscal Stabilization Fund requirements...

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