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Things to do in June

  1. Consolidated Application Reporting System (CARS) Spring collection certification window, May 15 – June 30, 2017 (Targeted date: May 15th, Due date: June 30th).
  2. Accept District audit, after notification from the State that the audit has been accepted.
  3. CHSPE testing registration deadline is May 19th; late registration deadline is June 2nd.
  4. CALPAD 2016-17 End of Year Submission/Certification Window, May 15 – July 31.
  5. Present the Governor’s “May Revise” to Cabinet and the Board, when available.
  6. Update budget assumptions in late May and present to cabinet and the board.
  7. Board of Education provides direction to staff regarding issues related to the budget, which include needs presented during negotiations, staffing formulas, updated enrollment projections and other budget assumptions.
  8. Present proposed Consolidated Application (Part 1) to the board for approval of budgets, SIP days, etc. in mid-May, and revise in June.